Star Family Connections

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              ♥  I AM PIPER


  ♥♥♥ My intention with this website is to create a safe, loving, compassionate and knowledge based place to bring together many aspects of Ascension and the importance of the communication given and received through Star Beings (E.T.s), Our Higher Spiritual Self and the Masters of teachings that are available to us at this time.

  ♥♥♥ This is to be a place to come to for information, questions that can be asked, answers that can be shared and a special place to share your experiences or lack of experiences with other like minded Beings.

  ♥♥♥ My loving and compassionate desire is to give to you from my heart the truth of  my life experiences as a Star Being Contactee and the TRUE Healing experiences that I have so graciously received through the Power of FAITH, LOVE and BELIEF from the pure ACT of ASKING and then letting MYSELF RECEIVE of ALL the Blessings and Love that EACH and Everyone of US DESERVE and HAVE at OUR REQUEST !   

                 About Piper


     Piper is a multi talented individual with Metaphysical abilities and Extraterrestrial connections through out her life. She uses her extraordinary understanding of Metaphysics and Star Family Teachings to Enlighten and Guide others at critical times in peoples lives with her insight and intuitive Spiritual Connection to Source she has helped and guided people to their understanding of why they are here.


     Piper has had early contact and from this has gained her insight of the human connection within all of us. Her dedication to helping others is only outweighed by her desire to teach others about our Star Family and empowering them to be equal to all living entities.


     For she has truly learned the meaning of oneness within all living beings. Piper is a true Soul Spiritual Counselor who Works with the Mental, Spiritual and Higher Self to connect and ground others.



To anyone who is interested!

 If you would like to share something on this site, or add something that is positive and within love, please contact me and I will be happy to support you and share your information, for the highest good of all!

In Love and Light, Piper