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 Mufon Symposium in Las Vegas, NV  July 18th-21, 2013 

Star Gazing! UFO watching! Are YOU interested?

I live in Mohave Valley AZ.  In the near future I will be setting up some events where you can meet up with myself and others to Star Gaze and see UFOs and other night sky events. 

 We will be offering a chance to come and share with us your experiences and get scanned for possible implants and find out if you have markings from recent contact.

 If you are interested please contact me at



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Awaken The Goddess Within

New Season coming soon! 


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Inside every woman is a Goddess waiting to emerge. Life, children, spouses, relationships, friends, bosses,parents, etc. May have been in the way for you to realize the Goddess begging to be set free. You may be a Mom, a Wife, A child, A employee, a friend or many other things. When do you become YOU ?

In this teleconference we will share with one another our stories. Our stories of laughter and love. Stories of anger and pain.
Stories mostly of survival. We will share one Goddess to another our greatness. Through this sharing we will find where that Goddess is hiding.

Your hosts are hoping to have this event at the very least once a week available via teleconference making it available to everyone no matter your location. Very soon the hosts will be doing physical workshops to meet with our sister Goddesses face to face. During these teleconferences we will be sharing stories, learning to recognize our inner Goddess, meditation practices, breathing practices and much more.

Your Hosts:
Piper Johnston a loving and giving soul whom has climbed the ladder of self worth, self empowerment. and inner strength in which she found herself. The true Goddess within. Piper's story will encourage you to also find your inner Goddess. Piper is an amazing motivational speaker willing to share her experiences to enable others to embrace their own personal Goddess.

Kelly Said a certified Spiritual Counselor with life stories of empowerment that will assist in showing you the path to follow that will Awaken the Goddess Within you.

Together Piper and Kelly will share exercises to use as often as you need, resources to turn to when things seem overwhelming, all delivered with empowerment.

The love Piper and Kelly have to share comes from the experience of having been there and done that. A connection of complete understanding can be made between these two women that will amaze you.

Don't miss this event. Recordings will be for sale shortly after the event.

To register for this class go to look under live events for the registration link. Or go to our new website

This teleconference will be on a donation basis. Donate what you feel inclined to donate. This is to allow everyone to get a feel for the events Piper and Kelly will be doing to see if they resonate with you. In the future Piper and Kelly will be having many discounts on their events.

Register now to save your space. Once we are notified you have registered you will be sent the call in numbers for the event and a reminder of the date and time.

We look forward to watching you Awaken The Goddess Within....